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Location 4-60-11. Hiraike-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
Phone:052-588-4600(Viewer Center)
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Establishment March 1, 1968
Launch of Broadcasting April 1, 1969
Digital Transmission Call letters: JOCH-DTV
Remote control key ID: 4ch
Output power: 3kW
Description of Business ・TV broadcasting in accordance with the Broadcast Act.
・Production and sales of broadcast programs.
・Sales of publications and goods.
・Cultural and sports events.
・Any broadcast-related events.
・Service area: Aichi Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture and Mie Prefecture.
・Belongs to the Nippon Television Network Corporation group.
CHUKYO TV GROUP Philosophy Build confidence and empathy in the community, and contribute to the realization of an affluent society.
Corporate Slogan To Your Heart.
Representative Kimio Maruyama, Chairman
Yuji Iyoda, President
Capital Fund 1.056 billion yen
Number of Employees 276 (As of Apr.,2023)
Population within the Service Area 11,146,267 (4,857,777households) as of May. 1, 2023
Branch Offices and Bureaus Japan: Tokyo Office, Osaka Office, Toyohashi Bureau, Gifu Bureau and Mie Bureau
Overseas: Dispatched reporters to NNN Los Angeles and NNN China General Bureau (Beijing)
Network The Nippon Television Network Group consists of 29 NNS affiliate stations located throughout Japan.


1968 Mar. Established as Chukyo UHF TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
1969 Apr. Launched broadcasting.
1970 Apr. Corporate name changed to CHUKYO TV. BROADCASTING CO., LTD.
1973 Apr. Shifted from cross-network to Nippon Television Network group.
1978 Aug. “24-Hour TELEVISION/ Love saves the Earth” started on the Nippon Television Network System.
1986 July One of the world's top live entertainment shows, musical on ice, “Walt Disney's World On Ice” (“Disney On Ice” today) Japan tour started (hosted by CHUKYO TV).
1993 Apr.–Sep. World's first synchronized screen image & live show “Tsumura Impulse George Lucas' Super Live Adventure” was presented. (Joint project of Nippon TV, Yomiuri TV and CHUKYO TV.)
2003 Dec. Terrestrial digital broadcasting started.
2006 Apr. Started 1seg broadcasting
2011 July Completed transition to digital terrestrial broadcasting and end of analog broadcasting
2014 Dec. Won the “triple crown” title of 2014 annual household viewer ratings (6a.m.–12a.m., 7p.m.–10p.m., 7p.m.–11p.m.) for the first time in 13 years.
2015 Mar. Won the “triple crown” title of 2014 fiscal year household viewer ratings (6a.m.–12a.m., 7p.m.–10p.m., 7p.m.–11p.m.) for the first time in 14 years.
2016 Apr. Established a new brand concept, "To Your Heart."
Nov. Relocated Headquarters to the Sasashima Live area near Nagoya Station.
2019 Jun. President Maruyama took office.
Okazaki Bureau closed.
2020 Mar. Launched “Locipo,” a video distribution service provided jointly by the four local TV stations based in Nagoya.
Nov. Our programs, “Garakuta (Trash)” won the Grand Prize and “Bayartai” won the Runner-up Prize of the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Awards.
2021 Jan. Joined the SDG Media Compact
Jun. Our program, “Yummy! Cheap! Interesting! All-Japan Amazing Restaurant Grand Prix,” won the Grand Prize in the TV Entertainment category of the 47th Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize.
2022 May. Launched “SDGs in Action,” a joint SDGs promotion project with four other local commercial TV stations based in Nagoya.
Oct. Switched fully to carbon-free electricity at the Chukyo TV headquarters building.
Produced “BREAST CANCER CHECK BALL BOOK” as part of our breast cancer campaign, “SUSUME (Step Forward)” project.
2023 Feb. Opened Chukyo TV Total Drone School, “SORA MEDIA.”
Established SDGs policies and set “MIRAI NI OMOSHIRO IIKOTO (InterestinGood for the future)” as the slogan.
Mar. Held an SDGs week, “MIRAI NI OMOSHIRO IIKOTO (InterestinGood for the future)” week.
Jun. Our program, “What are you going to do after this? Close coverage
– the end is a beginning” won the Grand Prize in the TV Entertainment category of the 49th Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize.
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